July 6, 2017 SBW Meeting – Issues Management

Kris Wade, KC Justice Project

Kris Wade, KC Justice Project

The July 6 Issues Management meeting was called to order by president-elect Donna Hirner-Gardner at the Sedalia Country Club. The meeting was under the direction of the Issues Management committee, Jessica Buesing, chair.

Kris Wade, with the Justice Project, gave a spellbinding presentation on human trafficking. She explained that the two most common types of human trafficking are sex trafficking and labor trafficking. The underlying similarity according to Kris is “once they get you where you are going, they won’t let you go.” As a survivor of sex trafficking, Kris spoke about the undeniable power traffickers have over their victims. She credits the critical thinking skills instilled by her parents that she was able to escape and return to a normal life. Kris has turned her negative experience into a positive through her work with the Kansas City Justice Project.

Please take fifteen minutes to watch her Ted Talk “Hiding in Plain Sight.”

The next meeting will be under the direction of the Telephone Committee, Debbie Ulmer, chair.


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