March 7, 2019 SBW Individual Growth Meeting

The March meeting was under the direction of the Individual Growth Committee, Dianne Simon, chair.

Sylvia Thompson

Sylvia Thompson told us about “Love, Loss, and What I Wore” which will be showing at the Hayden Liberty Center March 29th, 30th and April 5th and 6th. Women really do remember what they wore during the highs and lows of their lives!

The Panel: Della Schnakenberg, Joanna Anderson, Debra Andresen, Amanda Herrick, Mariya Slypich, Kelly Asbury

A panel representing each generation discussed working together in the workplace. Moderator Kelly Asbury asked some great questions and the answers were eye-opening.

Kelly Asbury (sponsor), Paula Walter, Sheri Matz, Della Schnakenberg (sponsor), Denise Jaegers, Cindy Weaver (sponsor), Sheryl Heisterberg, Laura Cramer, Julie Slocum (sponsor) Callie Turpin

We installed six new members! I’m not positive, but that may be a record. 

Donna Hirner-Gardner and Mickayla Peters

Donna Hirner Gardner won the Red Purse Raffle (worth over $1,000) and Mickayla Peters won the members only clutch (worth $300 or more). Congrats!

We elected our 2019-20 slate of officers. Lori Haney will be our fearless leader. Her board is packed with outstanding women to help make our next year productive, exciting, and FUN.

The Slate of Officers for 2019-20
President – Lori Haney;
President-Elect – Debra Andresen
1st VP – Robin Balke
2nd VP – Amanda Davis
Secretary – Debbie Ulmer
Treasurer – Della Schnakenberg
Director – Donna Hirner-Gardner

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