SBW August 1 Membership Meeting

President Lori Haney

The august meeting was under the direction of the telephone committee, Debbie Ulmer, chair. Guest speaker was Amy Epple, with the Sedalia Parks and Recreation. She explained the upcoming ballot issue for the Heckart Community Center. The project requires two “Yes” votes. One is for the removal of the June 30, 2026 sunset provision of the existing one-half of one percent sales tax that was put in place to fund capital improvements. The second “Yes” vote is to increase the sales tax rate to fund parks and storm water control for Sedalia.

Debbie Ulmer and Amy Epple

SBW gained two new members. Membership chair, Amanda Davis installed Jada Weaver and Lori Wightman.

Amanda Davis, Jada Weaver, Lori Wightman, Lori Haney
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