October 3, 2019 SBW Dinner Meeting

Dianne Simon, Betty Albrecht, Nicole Cooke, and Bob Satnan

The October dinner meeting was under the direction of the Legislative Committee, Dianne Simon, Chair. Mary Merritt introduced the guests.  Dianne Simon was the hostess.  The Written Spotlight focused on the Legislative Committee.

Bob Satnan, former editor and columnist for the Sedalia Democrat, talked about how everyone receives messages in different ways. He talked about the importance of fact checking news stories through three different sources. Broadcast TV and online videos are often opinion rather than news. We tend to watch the news that aligns with our own biases. We have moved away from print media at a time we need it most. Too often the best source is the one that requires payment. You get what you pay for!

 Nicole Cooke, editor of the Sedalia Democrat, talked about the news selection for the newspaper: Community first, state news, and national news. The local staff has been narrowed to a five person news department. The news department is open to newsworthy suggestions. People are invited to call, email, or drop in at the office with their suggestions.

Carmon Loveland, Sue Parrish, Melissa Marksberry

Two new members were installed: Carmon Loveland and Melissa Marksberry. Their sponsor is Sue Parrish.

President Lori Haney (right) presents the birthday gift to Valerie Dent
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