July 2, 2020 Finance and Issues Management Meeting

President Debbie Ulmer

The July dinner meeting was under the direction of the Finance and Issue Management Committees. Betty Albrecht introduced the guests. Robin Balke was the hostess.

Amanda Davis introduced the guest speaker, Chris Yeager, a teacher at Sedalia 200 School District. He gave an interesting presentation on kids today. Chris says that kids are the same, it is the parents who are different. Three ideas he shared: Education is a foundation of concrete, Teaching is not a job; it’s a purpose, Attitude is everything.

Amanda Davis and Chris Yeager
Check presented to Meals on Wheels.
A check was presented to Open Door.

Robin Balke presented the budget and noted that the Club had come in under budget.

Several announcements were made about community events and personal celebrations and condolences.

The members voted to continue having the meetings at the Shrine Club until April. At that time we will make a decision for 2021-2022.

LaSondra Marsch, Linda Fox, Missy Marksberry, and Debbie Fillinger
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