August 6, 2020, Paddle Party!

Lori Haney taking bids on the Magic Paddle.

The August meeting was under the direction of the Telephone Committee. Cindy Weaver announced the guests. Missy Marksberry was the hostess.

The program was the annual Paddle party. President Debbie Ulmer extended a huge thank you to all who contributed and bid. The club raised $565 that will go to Special Projects.

Betty Albrecht, one of the lucky winners.

The State Conference will be a one-day event held Saturday, August 29 at the KC Hilton Airport Inn. Donna Hirner-Gardner will be installed as incoming President and Michelle Sparks will be installed as Secretary. The room cost is $99 and registration fee is $90.

Each local is asked to donate a basket with a value of $25 to $50. The state will also collect items for Alive and CASA.

Shirley McCown won the August birthday drawing.

The September dinner meeting will be held under the direction of the Career Advancement Committee, Valerie Dent and Linda Fox, chairs.

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