March 4, 2021 – Individual Growth Meeting, Joanna Anderson, chair

Dr. Teresa Gatton

Dr. Teresa Gatton from Katy Trail Community Health spoke to the group about finding happiness and purpose in life during the pandemic. She started a business, The Art Room, and found fulfillment for her creative side. She encouraged everyone to make time for a creative outlet that makes him or her happy.

Those in attendance enjoyed a 98th-anniversary cake made by SBW member, Mickayla Peters of Addie Cakes.

Interpreter, Lauren Havard and Dr. Joanna Anderson

Interpreter, Lauren Havard, signed during the meeting for Kami Gurella, guest of Angela Boone.

Dr. Joanna Anderson, SBW member and President of State Fair Community College, spoke to the group about personal growth and wellness during the Covid-19 pandemic.

President Debbie Ulmer and new member Myrna Rager

Della Schnakenberg introduced new member Myrrna Ragar. SBW president, Debbie Ulmer, installed Myrna who owns Ragar Banners.

Linda Fisher spoke about the Business Women of Missouri Foundation and had envelopes for donations.

Michelle Sparks is in need of Get Well and Sympathy cards if anyone has any they would like to donate. She also spoke on presenting the Holiday Basket to the chosen family.

The April Meeting will be under the direction of the Special Projects Committee, Carolyn Green, Lori Haney, and Missy Marksberry, co-chairs.

Birthdays for the past several months were celebrated. The recipients of the birthday gifts were: Cindy Lewellyn, December; Robin Balke, January, Michelle Sparks, February and Kami Guanella, March.

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