May 4, 2021, Board Meeting

“I believe in tomorrow and I will be part of it” ~ Linda Ellerbee

Thank you, President Debbie Ulmer (2020-2021) for your leadership for the past year. You kept us connected throughout the challenges of a pandemic.

As her 2020-2021 term came to a close, SBW president, Debbie Ulmer, held her final board meeting at the Ivory Grille May 4, where she presented each board member with a small gift as a thank you for serving. Pictured left to right: Michelle Sparks, Amanda Davis, Dianne Simon, Joyce Grinstead, Debbie Ulmer, Amanda Herrick, Dr. Joanna Anderson, Robin Balke, Linda Fisher, and Carolyn Green. In attendance but not shown in photo: Della Schnakenberg

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