April 21-24, 2017 BWM State Conference


The April 21-23 BWM State Conference was held in Joplin. SBW members attending were (from left to right) Linda Fisher, Debra Andresen, Michelle Sparks, Cindy Goalder; (seated) Donna Hirner-Gardner and Della Schnakenberg.

DSC05069SBW received several awards: first place Membership Award (for nine new members), first place Issues Management Award, first place Legislative Award, and first place Mentoring Award.

SBW members who received individual awards for membership recruitment: Robin Balke, Cindy Goalder, Brenda Moore, Cindy Weaver, and Donna Hirner-Gardner.

Della Schnakenberg and Linda Fisher were re-elected to the Foundation Board. Michelle Sparks will be the 2017-18 Regional Director for the Northwest Region.

BWM President Sheila Miller appointed Cindy Goalder as the Social Media chair and Linda Fisher as the Public Relations chair.

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