2016 State Conference, Camden on the Lake


The 2016 State Conference was held at Camden on the Lake. The 2016-17 Executive committee was installed at the 95th Annual State Conference. From left to right: Treasurer Melissa Moore, Vice President Debra Saffer, President Sharron Sutton, President Elect Sheila Miller, and Recording Secretary Sandra Shermuly.

President’s Goals 2016-2017 Just One Woman Can:
• Encourage members to use the Business Women of
Missouri website.
• Grow membership by 15%.
• Unite to increase the visibility of Business Women of
Missouri through community activities.
• Work with domestic violence shelters and educational
programs to promote Domestic Violence
• Promote Business Women of Missouri Foundation to
empower women through education.
• Use Legislative Conference to educate and promote
women in politics and to achieve pay equity.
• ERA for all people.
• Hold Individual Growth speak off Local, Regional and
State Conference.
• Continue to support women in the military.
• Increase awareness of women’s health issues


Sedalia BWM attendees: Della Schnakenberg, Donna Hirner-Gardner, Michelle Sparks, Dianne Simon, Cindy Goaler, and Linda Fisher.

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