May 2, Robin’s Final Board Meeting, Ivory Grille

It is tradition for the outgoing president to held their final board meeting prior to the May dinner meeting, where the installation of the new board takes place. The 2022-23 May board meeting was held at the Ivory Grille, where outgoing president, Robin Balke, thanked her board members for their support and contributions to the club during her two terms.

Julie Slocum, Linda Fisher, Robin Balke, Dianne Simon, Della Schnakenberg, Donna Hirner-Gardner, Michelle Sparks, Shirley McCown, Janice Cones, Debbie Ulmer, Carolyn Green, Joyce Grinstead
Michelle Sparks presented a bouquet to outgoing President Robin Balke.
From left to right: Linda Fisher, Michelle Sparks, Joyce Grinstead, Julie Slocum, Robin Balke, Donna Hirner-Gardner, Janice Cones, Dianne Simon, Carolyn Green, Della Schnakenberg, Shirley McCown.
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